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A moment of presence

a public event for a small dose of presence

A moment of presence is an open, public workshop created by Ziba that can be done anywhere.

It uses presence as it’s foundation to create a public space for human encounters that focus on the things that really matter to us.

Human contact is something we often lack in public spaces. In our culture, we are often in a hurry, we tend to be a bit careful or afraid of people we don't know and presence is often something we don't really know what "looks like" in practice. 

The workshop creates a simple framework for human encounters. It is about presence in eye contact, in listening and having dialogue around themes that can be important for a happy and meaningful life
Research shows that
presence and trust between people are important ingredients for good health and happiness. Increased trust creates a greater sense of safety between people - and safe people are more likely to find solutions rather than going into defence or conflict. 

In this way, a small dose of presence can ignite a small spark that can in turn spread further. 

Together, let's create a more compassionate world where we see each other's potential.



A quiet moment with eye contact

without any conditions

1-3 min


A moment where you are listened to

-tell us exactly what you feel like

3-5 min


A moment of dialogue based on a question,

for example:

"what am I really passionate about?"

or "what do I dream of?"

3-5 min

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