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mapping urban issues and future visions


17 and 24 September 2023

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö in the making

Malmö in the making is a project with Malmö Stad. Malmö in the making wants to explore the challenges that Malmö faces both locally and globally as the city grows and develops. In 2023, we will explore, discuss and learn more about what the city's spaces, architecture and culture mean to the people of Malmö and how we can work together to shape the city's future development. During September 2023 there will be projects and event all over Malmö focusing on this and it is free for everyone to join.

mapping urban issues and future visions

Our goal is to create a collective map of Malmö that highlights urban issues felt and brought up by the local community and, in the further process, encourages discussions and solutions. The workshop aims to inspire the citizens of Malmö to take action and create the spaces they wish for in their own agency. Our objective is to go beyond the workshop and the project of Malmö in the making and create a platform where people can discuss and get inspired by other citizens. Further, we aim to present the final product, a visual summary of the issues raised, to the municipality of Malmö and encourage them to act on the wishes of the cities citizens. 

But we will not only rely on the municipality to make a change, we will take the information we get from the workshop and utilize it into projects of our own. This workshop is designed for people living in Malmö, but everyone is welcome.

Here is the layout and process for the workshop:

Ziba workshop

Do you want to be

a part of the workshop?


Sunday 17 september and

Sunday 24 september


14:00 - 16:00


Nobel 21

Nobelvägen 21,

214 29 Malmö

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