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What do we want?

enough talking, let's get down to business

Our goals are:

Fundamentally change the way we look at compassion and caring in society. We want open conversations about feelings and unconditional acceptance to be the new normal.

Bring different people together in communities built on trust and compassion where you are accepted as you are and where you can get support when you need it.

Create an open and accepting culture for everyone through workshops and methods where we can break the barriers of how we think we need to act so that we can be accepted for who we are and grow together. Check out workshops and projects here.

Start projects that tend to the needs and issues that we face in our day to day lives.

Be a meeting point for peoples ideas and vision by making it possible. Things like workshops, concerts, groups, events and projects in all shapes and forms.

This is just a short list of many aspirations, we are constantly looking for more.

This all sounds cool, but how do we want to do this?

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